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Adding Audio to Google Slides

You may ask yourself “why write about Google Slides on a website about WordPress,” and who can blame you?(1)test footnote I have two reasons – first, my nephew asked me how to do this for a school assignment he’s working on and I like recycling content; and second, because it’s not a bad way to repurpose your own content for use on your site. Keeping in mind that people have short attention spans, you should limit the presentation to just enough info to get your point across. Follow it up with a keyword-rich post for those who take the time to read things and you’ll have some new, quality content for your site.

Plus, I was looking for a reason to do this and Dylan dropped one right in my lap on a lazy Saturday. So here ’tis!

(If you wonder whether I actually embedded audio in this presentation, yes. Yes I did. It’s on slide 11.)

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1. test footnote

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