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How do I know my WordPress website has been hacked?

3 Danger Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked Far too often, people ask this question when it is too late. Hackers have already injected your website with ugly mischievous code. Unfortunately, this situation occurs terribly often, but most sites can be restored. These following danger signs will definitely be an unexpected surprise, and should…

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Making your Website Login More Secure

Want to add more security to your website login? Want to only allow those you want to enter your website? Adding in 2-Factor Authentication will drastically help to make your website more secure. Two Factor Authentication (often shortened to 2FA) is a basic process to give you access to enter and edit your own website. In…

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Why Should Small Businesses Use WordPress to Build their Websites?

These days there are plenty of options for building websites. A lot of web hosts have “site builders” that have basic, if not outright rudimentary tools to use. Freemium tools like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace offer more advanced tools and may work for your needs initially, but you’ll likely find yourself trapped inside their walled…

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