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Quick Tip: Add tracking code to header

car racing down mountain at night

Let’s say you need to add Google Analytics code, a Facebook pixel, or other tracking code to the head of every page on your site. While there are plenty of plugins you can use to do this, you may be like me in that you try to keep the number of plugins you run to…

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Inclusive Content Strategy

group of stick figures

Inclusivity is at the heart of an effective content strategy. Accessible code may be imperative for inclusion, but all the code in the world doesn’t do any good if the content is not meaningful to our readers. Presenting for us was AmyJune Hineline. She’s been an active participant in the Open Source community for over…

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Gravity Forms and Gravity View: Build advanced forms and make it possible for users to view and edit content on the front end of your site.


This month, Lou Anne McKeffery from the Bay Area Foothills meetup walked us through Gravity Forms, one of the most popular form builders for WordPress, and an add-on called Gravity View, which makes it possible to display and edit data entered via Gravity Forms on the front end of your site. The following videos are…

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Playing with Blocks: the Gutenberg Editor Explained

For our January 2019 meetup, I presented the new Block Editor in WordPress 5, also known as ‘Gutenberg’ in homage to that printing press guy you may have heard of. Below you’ll see the slides from the presentation. As soon as it’s available, I’ll post the video we recorded during the meeting. The slides, narrated…

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WordPress and Photos: Where and How?

Where to Find Photos

Here’s part two of my notes from our Meetup on September 4, 2017.  I covered photo-related topics that day: where to source stock photos; how to prep them for upload and managing image sizes; and compression, which I’ll cover in a future post. Where to Find Photos First of all, it’s important to remember that…

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WP-Config tricks

sneakers on edge of building

At our Meetup on 3/5/18, I covered a few of the tweaks you can make to your wp-config.php file. This is a little more advanced than many of the topics we’ve had at our Meetup lately, but these tips can come in handy if you find yourself in need of them. wp-config.php or, how to…

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More Control over Embedded YouTube Videos

old school videotapes

Dropping a YouTube video into WordPress couldn’t be easier: just copy the URL from YouTube, paste it into the post, and WordPress takes care of the rest, wrapping it up in an HTML5 video player. Easy peasy. Like this clip of Rodney Dangerfield on Carson in 1979. Oh, the things you find on YouTube. Above: I just…

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Adding Audio to Google Slides

You may ask yourself “why write about Google Slides on a website about WordPress,” and who can blame you?(1)You may also ask yourself “well, how did I get here?” If you’re David Byrne, that is. I have two reasons – first, my nephew asked me how to do this for a school assignment he’s working on…

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