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Media Attachment Pages. Who needs ’em, right?

One of the oddities of WordPress is that just about everything is a post. Posts are posts. Pages are posts. The menu is a type of post. You can create any number of Custom Post Type (I’ve made CPTs for people, recipes, rental items, sponsors, clients, &c). And one that can drive you a bit batty:…

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WordPress Terminology

kid shouting into microphone

As presented at the SJWP Meetup on June 5, 2017: WordPress Terminology: What’s a permalink? and other burning questions. Base Level WordPress Terminology Database: All your content lives here, hidden in the dark recesses of a web server. Your database consists of, at minimum, the 11 core tables that are required for a WordPress site. Database table: think of…

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Gravity Forms Placeholder Text is Too Light

I feel your frustration. You’re trying to streamline your forms a bit by using placeholder text inside the fields instead of having the labels hanging outside, taking up all kinds of space. But you just can’t figure out how to override that light grey text that’s all but impossible to read. With a small bit…

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Creating a Semitransparent Intro Area Above Page Body

Last night in the Beaver Builders Slack channel (if you’re into BB and Slack, go check it out, great place to hang around), @danfrybort asked me how I built the semitransparent intro area on this page, which is, by the way, a work in progress, so things may change after I publish this post. There are a few different…

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