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Exclude Posts, Pages, or Categories from Search Results

I tend to use pages or categorized posts to fill widgets on home pages, because it provides users with an easy way to change various areas on their home page or sidebars. Sometimes, though, we don’t want that content to show up in searches. Here’s how to exclude them:

stuff we dig

FYI: yes, the above are affiliate links, so we do make a small amount of money if you follow them over and buy what they're selling. Thank you for helping pay our hosting costs!

Dave Kuhar

Dave is the jack-of-all-trades running Transmit Studio, a media creation lab in San Jose. He's built more websites than he can remember, well over a hundred of them on WordPress. Whether it's tradeshow booths, video/TV, graphic design, presentations, magazine, tearsheet, and catalog layout, corporate identity packages, or just about any other kind of visual communication project, he's worked on it!

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  1. Phil Morse on November 11, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Thanks! Worked for us.

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