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How do I know my WordPress website has been hacked?

3 Danger Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

Far too often, people ask this question when it is too late. Hackers have already injected your website with ugly mischievous code. Unfortunately, this situation occurs terribly often, but most sites can be restored. These following danger signs will definitely be an unexpected surprise, and should send you into immediate action.

Why is this happening at all? Plainly, there are bad people in the world who want what you have. They set up automatic crawlers and bots to crawl the web and make attempts to access your website. Many hackers are trying to figure out your password on the WordPress admin page. Once they figure out one of your passwords, they have a place to start with your other applications, credit cards and bank accounts which might carry that same password.

Each website hack may have a different level of attack. The severity of your problem and its solution may vary. The more injected code, the more hours it will take to remove it. Some sites may need more attention to bring it back to health.

Page Not Found

On your WordPress home page, you might see a 404 Error warning or a “Page Not Found” warning. You might try to reload the page, but it appears again. Ugggh!! This is a bad sign.

Your web hosting service may have blocked your page. The hackers have done enough damage to your site for your hosting provider to shut it down.

Google Search Result

You, a customer, or a friend may notice this flag on a Google search when looking for your website. Google’s crawlers have noticed what may be ugly unwanted code in your website. At this point, you have to play by Google’s rules to remove the code, and communicate with the Google team to re-evaluate your site and remove this warning..

Site Contains Malware

What is malware? It is malicious software that will disrupt computer operations, gain access to private systems, or gather sensitive information. Basically, it is a set of bad code that results from your website code having been compromised. They are unwanted files that have been injected by a hacker or a bot that has been crawling the web. You will need to secure your WordPress website and protect it from future attacks.

What does this browser warning indicate? It has noticed that you have known bad files on your website, and there are likely vulnerabilities or access points on the site that can cause harm to your visitors. It’s a call for attention to these issues.  

What To Do With A Hacked Website?

Contact your webmaster. Contact your website hosting company. Find the right professional who can remove the unwanted code. Give due diligence and attention to cleaning up and protecting your website. You will need a security package for your website for significant protection against hackers.

Contact us here at South Bay WordPress to get your WordPress site secure and back online!

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