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Why Should Small Businesses Use WordPress to Build their Websites?

These days there are plenty of options for building websites. A lot of web hosts have “site builders” that have basic, if not outright rudimentary tools to use. Freemium tools like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace offer more advanced tools and may work for your needs initially, but you’ll likely find yourself trapped inside their walled garden with no way of building more advanced tools as your business grows. You can even, if you’re a little masochistic, go old school and dig into some HTML and CSS. Or you can cast your lot with the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the net – WordPress.

Simple to publish content

Once you are accustomed to the tools, WordPress makes it easy to publish new content. Blog posts, articles, photos and photo galleries, and news updates are quite simple to add. Because of its popularity, you’ll be able to find thousands of tutorial videos and articles on how to make use of this system.


Most website hosts can handle a WordPress site. Though many hosts aren’t optimized forWordPress, there are plenty that are, and they can make your WordPress site fly like a jet. On this site you’ll find articles about finding and choosing a host to fit your needs and budget.

New Features

TheWordPress toolkit uses “plugins” or tools that can add small features and new functionality. There are now more than 50,000 of these plugins available on the WordPress repository, and many more being sold through various marketplaces and directly from developers. The skillful trick is knowing how to select, employ, and maintain the ones best suited to reach your business goals. You can save lots of money by not having developers build your tools from scratch.


When your business grows, you’d like your website to grow with it.WordPress software can handle many kinds of growth. Websites should always “scale”, meaning that business growth should not break its infrastructure, but grow accordingly.

Extremely Popular

Over 25% percent of all the entire web is made of WordPress websites. Over 60% percent of all CMS-driven sites are built on WordPress. And massive publications like, TechCrunch, Fortune, and The New Yorker have been trusting the power of WordPress for years.

The payoff? When your business changes, you will always be able to findWordPress developers to match your needs. This fine-tuned technology won’t be going away anytime soon.

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